Getaway to Punda Maria and Pafuri Gate


Central Soutpansberg is close to Kruger National Park especially Punda Maria and Pafuri.Enough habitat types within a short distance of each other.Birders can stop to do some birding on their way to Kruger Park and in the Central Soutpansberg sites like Hanglip Forest,Roodewal Forest,Muirhead Dams,Entabeni Forest and Thohoyandou Botanical Garden.Birders can be rewarded with birds like African Finfoot,White Backed Night-Heron,Blue Spotted Wood-Dove,African Broadbill,Mottled Spinetail,Bat Hawk,Scaly Throated Honeyguide,Narina Trogon,Pink Throated Twinspot,African Wood Owl.etc
Birders can stop for whole day before leaving to Punda and explore one of the sites in the Soutpansberg or Venda.
We can plan a day outing to Pafuri Picnic site or Punda Maria which can be a full day outing around the park.

Birding Trips and Tours


I specialise on birding trips throughout Soutpansberg and Venda areas in the Limpopo Province.Soutpansberg Mountain is a wonderful place with lots of endemic birds and beautiful scenery lots of fauna and animals.
While staying in Louis Trichardt a specialised birding trip can be organised to Hanglip Forest,Ben Lavin Nature Reserve,Sewarage Dams,Roodewal Nature Reserve,Albasini Picnic Site,Entabeni Forest,Luvuvhu River and Thohoyandou Botanical Garden


Morning birding walk.

A morning birding walk can be arranged from where you will be staying for about 2 and half hours.Birds you will likely to see include special birds Gorgeous Bushshrike,Crested Guineafowl,Olive Bushshrike,Red Faced Cisticola,Cape Grassbird and the resident African Wood Owl.

Half Day Birding Tour

Time is about 5-6 hours in the escarpment of Soutpansberg mountains.I can lead you to Roodewal Nature Reserve which is best done early morning,and then to Muirhead Dams.Roodewal Nature Reserve the only place to see the African Broadbill in the Central Soutpansberg.other birds common are Eastern Nicator,Narina Trogon,Scaly Throated Honeyguide,Green Twinspot and the resident African Crowned Eagle.

Full Day Birding Tour

Time 8-9 hours of birding under toe canopy of Afro-Montane Forest.Entabeni Forets and Hanglip Forest is an ideal sites for full day.Entabeni Forest birds that are common are Bat Hawk,Orange Ground Thrush,Yellow Streaked Greenbul.Other places we can visit for the day include Thohoyandou Botanical Garden and birds easily located is Blue Spotted Wood-Dove.This is the only reliable place to get the Blue Spotted Wood-Dove in South Africa.Other resident birds are Pink Throated Twinspot,Green Twinspot,Gorgeous Bushshrike,Red-Capped Robin-Chat and Eastern Nicator.

Weekend Birding Tour.

We can organise a birding weekend tour to various camp sites around Venda.Gundani Camp site,the only patch of Miombo woodland in South Africa.Two tent that can accomodate 4 people and a camping site is available for extra people.Birds that we are likely to see are White Breasted Cuckooshrike,Pink Throated Twinspot,Southern Hyliota,Narina Trogon,Scaly Throated Honeyguide.While staying at Gundani camp we can also visit Sagole Big tree a 25 minutes drive from the camp.Birds to see there include Mottled Spinetail that roosts in the cave inside the biggest Baobab tree in South Africa.

A day or weekend birding at Punda Maria or Pafuri Picnic Site.I can accompany you for a day visit to either Punda Maria or Pafuri Picnic Sites to look for birds like Pel's Fishing Owl,Black-Throated Wattle-Eye,Arnot's Chat,Southern Hyliota,Grey-Headed Parrot,Senegal Coucal,Tropical Boubou etc


My photo
Louis Trichardt & Thohoyandou, Central Soutpansberg Venda Limpopo RSA, South Africa
Limpopo Specialist Birdguide.Trained and accredited in general guiding and bird identification through the SASOL/Birdlife South Africa.An expert in leading any birding focussed excursions through-out Soutpansberg,Venda and Northern Kruger.Tours arranged to fit in with your needs and plans-anything from 3 hours or half day to a full day even weekend birding tour. Cell:083 662 9960 Fax:086 217 0006



1.Blue Spotted Wood-Dove
2.African Broadbill
3.Pink Throated Twinspot
4.African Finfoot
5.Whte Backed Night Heron
6.Orange Ground Thrush
7.Bat Hawk
8.White Starred Robin
9.Scaly Throated Honeyguide
10.Green Twinspot
11Half Collared Kingfisher
12.Eastern Nicator
13..Crested Guineafowl
14African Crowned Eagle
15.Allen's Gallinule
16.Lesser Jacana
17.African Pygmy Goose
18Yellow Throated Woodland Warbler
19.Red faced Cisticola
20.Yellow Streaked Greenbul


My Contact details

Cell No:083 662 9960
Fax:086 217 0006


Booking is very essential either by calling 083 662 9960 or send an email to OR

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trip report Soutpansberg 22-25 September

What an amazing weekend in Limpopo with Samson Mulaudzi as our guide, and under the able leadership of Anneli and Adele. Thank you to BLNG and everybody involve...d with the arrangements, and thank you to Geoff for driving me safely there and back, and Kobus and Carola for ferrying me to all the sites! Wow! Some of the amazing sightings: grey and black cuckooshrike, Holub's golden weaver, crested guineafowl, mountain wagtail, breeding pair of bat hawks, knysna and purple crested turaco, orange ground trush, african broadbill, olive woodpecker, grey-headed parrot, pink-throated twinspot, tambourine dove, little sparrowhawk, breeding black sparrowhawk, allen's gallinule, african pygmy goose, white-backed duck, african wood owl, black-crowned night heron, african finfoot, narina trogon and scaly-throated honey guide.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Soutpansberg-Venda Trip Report 9th September

Hi All.
On 9th September I met up with Graham and John from Cape Town for a guided day birding tour in the Soutpansberg area.We met up at Levubu  garage at around 06:00 am and headed straight to Luvuvhu River and we got a female African Finfoot .We wasted no time and headed to Levubu area to see the Grey Headed Parrots.There was also a single Lizard Buzzard hanging aroud there for some times.Lucky enough we got a flock of Grey Headed Parrots feeding there on Aloe like flowering tree..Without wasting time we headed to Jacana Dam and we got more than one pair of Blue Spotted Wood Dove.One pair of dove was in a display courtship.After we had enough of the dove we headed straight to The Geese Dam and the list of special birds amongst many others:African Pygmy Goose(20+),Allen's Gallinule,African Rail,White backed Duck,African Swamphen etc.In the afternoon we went to Entabeni forest and on our way we stopped at the big Gum trees and we spotted a pair of Bat Hawk.Other birds we picked up at the forest were a single Orange Ground Thrush,Grey Cuckooshrike and Yellow Streaked Greenbul.
Our last stop was Muirhead Dams and it was in the middle of the day and most of the birds were hiding in the shade.White Fronted Bee-Eater kept us entertained while sitting in the hide.Other birds seen a single White backed Duck,Purple Heron,African Jacana,Little Grebes,African Crake and Common Moorhen.

Happy Birding.